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The Small Guys of March Madness

With the 2017 NCAA tournament starting shortly, most people have their usual teams picked to win it all. You know what I mean by the usual teams: Kentucky, Duke, Michigan State (sort of, well kind of), North Carolina, Kansas, etc. those perennial powerhouse teams that seem to be in the “National Champion” talks every year.

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“I Hate Grayson Allen”

Let’s talk about something that might make some of us sports fans either entertained, scratching our heads, or just all around pissed. Yep, Grayson Allen. The Duke Guard who graduated from Providence High School in Jacksonville, FL. Also, the Grayson Allen that has tripped multiple players (and possibly pushed a coach). The first instance came

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As we near closer to February, it means two things are happening in the NBA: The All-Star Game, and becoming closer to the playoffs. However, I want to focus on one thing, All-Star voting. All-Star voting is done by the fans, for the fans. To become an All-Star starter you still get voted on, 50% from

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