Author: Nate Williamson

An Eye On the Lions: Orlando City’s Success Thus Far

Let me start with this: Orlando City, whatever happens this season, means business. The club made headline news with its “promotion” (as much as bidding for an MLS franchise is a promotion) to MLS in 2015. The team had previously had large amounts of success in the USL Pro league, where the MLS’ secondary team

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Cousins to Pelicans: What Does it Mean for the West, and the NBA?

The NBA Trade deadline is arguably one of the most exciting in all of sports. It’s one that a lot of people constantly watch for, year in and year out, and pay close attention to. Some of the biggest names are liable to go to a new team, and as we approach the trade deadline,

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Peyton Manning: A Legend, Retired

March 7th, 2016 will go down in history as the end of an era for fans of the great game, and for fans of the good guy. On March 7th, the entire country said goodbye to one of the great heroes of modern football as we know it. On the 7th day of March in

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