Tuesday Morning Takes: Two Round NFC Dream Drafts

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In this episode, I take you all through the five biggest risers and fallers during this draft season from my eyes (0:58) and what I’ve seen from the 10 players over these past couple months.  Then, we get right into it with the two round dream draft for all the NFC teams. I start with the NFC East, then go to the NFC North, then the South, and finish up in the West.  Looking for your team?  They are all below.

Intro: Games of Inches, Tom Hedden

Dallas Cowboys (10:58)

New York Giants (12:28)

Washington Redskins (13:48)

Philadelphia Eagles (14:40)

Green Bay Packers (16:05)

Detroit Lions (17:32)

Minnesota Vikings (18:28)

Chicago Bears (19:34)

Atlanta Falcons (21:32)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers ( 22:48)

New Orleans Saints (25:01)

Carolina Panthers (27:14)

Seattle Seahawks (28:54

Arizona Cardinals (30:00)

Los Angeles Rams (31:16)

San Francisco 49ers (32:02)

Like, share, comment your thoughts, and enjoy! Continue to check back this week for final draft content!

Jake Schyvinck covers the NFL and the NFL Draft for The Sports Guys. For more draft thoughts, follow him on Twitter @JSchyvinck13, and follow everything on Facebook @TheSportsGuysSite.

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