Tuesday Morning Takes: Ideal 2 Round Draft for AFC Teams

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Intro: Autumn in the Air 2, Sean Spence

In this Draft edition of Tuesday Morning Takes, I give a sneak peek into my upcoming big board (1:25), then dive right in to the dream two round draft for each AFC team (11:39).

Patriots: 12:07

Dolphins 14:19

Bills 15:45

Jets 16:40

Browns 17:34

Bengals 19:41

Steelers 20:36

Ravens 22:25

Texans 24:16

Titans 26:40

Colts 28:09

Jaguars 30:21

Raiders 32:20

Chiefs 34:27

Broncos 36:12

Chargers 38:03

In a final thought, I briefly discuss my thoughts on the rift between the Browns front office and Hue Jackson and what the Browns should do at #1 and how I would address the QB situation (39:59)! Enjoy, draft nuts!


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