The Run Continues For Koinonia B

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Koinonia basketball won once again last night to advance to Elite 8.  The Koinonia B team, not to be outdone by the Koinonia A team, was bolstered to a win last night by squad depth through excellent recruiting.  The team secured a place in the Elite 8 by downing their Sweet 16 opponent 59-38.  The last time a Koinonia team advanced this far was in 1987, when led by league-voted best shooter Easter Seal.  Seal’s trophy from the historic season still stands in the Koin living room.  Though the team didn’t get hardware that season, Koinonia B looks to move farther than that team did and plans to reach the Final 4.  Led by seasoned vets Jacob “Fresh” Frerichs and Jake “Hot Jake” Beal, standout freshman John “Apple” Beal, and sharpshooter Evan “Shaved His Beard” Shawgo, the team has enough pieces to continue their run.

The Koinonia team will be without stud freshmen Jakob “Churn That Butter” Brewer, due to pneumonia, but will feature the return of Evan Shawgo, though they’ll also miss All-American Jacob Frerichs due to scheduling conflict. They’ll be looking for the bench to provide depth in order to move on.

Sports Guys own Jake Schyvinck caught up with the All-American Frerichs after last nights big win, he said that the team was looking to “Keep it consistent with our play. Our way to play is hustling for each and every rebound, steal, and assist, and we’re going to be looking to keep that up headed into the next round and hopefully further into the tournament.”

This team continues to believe and continues to follow all the buzzwords they established at the beginning of the season.

GRIT – Play hard and tough, give it all you have.

COHESIVE – Play well as a unit, keep the chemistry.

APPLE – Always good to use your incoming freshman’s first English word.

CONSISTENCY – Play two halves of strong basketball.

STICK-TO-ITIVENESS – Continue to fight and focus on your goal.

Tune in TONIGHT for Koinonia B’s Elite 8 matchup at 7PM.

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