“I Hate Grayson Allen”

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Let’s talk about something that might make some of us sports fans either entertained, scratching our heads, or just all around pissed. Yep, Grayson Allen. The Duke Guard who graduated from Providence High School in Jacksonville, FL. Also, the Grayson Allen that has tripped multiple players (and possibly pushed a coach).

The first instance came on February 8th, 2016 when he tripped Louisville’s Ray Spalding, tripped Florida St.’s Xavier Ratham-Mayes, and another instance on Dec. 21st of 2016 when, yep you guessed it tripped Elon’s Steven Santa Ana which resulted in a “lengthly” one game suspension by Coach K.
But doesn’t this make some of us sports fans think of something? Another Duke “villain?” To some college basketball loving fans, it might remind us of the original Duke villain, Christian Laettner. I would say that has been Dukes ultimate villain up until this point. Some of you might remember when Laettner stomped on Kentucky’s Aminu Timberlake during the 1992 East Regional championship in the NCAA Tournament. For fans like me that wasn’t even born yet, but I sure have heard of it.
It’s no question that Grayson Allen is a tremendous basketball player. Currently in his Junior year at Duke, Allen is averaging 15.7 PPG 4.8 RPG 4.3 APG and helping Duke stay in the Top 25 polls throughout the season. He’s a solid basketball player, but what often comes into question is his person, and his character.

In Laettner’s Junior year at Duke, he averaged 19.8 PPG 8.7 RPG and 1.9 APG and leading Duke to a National Championship. Allen without a doubt would like his name to go down in history as Laettner’s has amongst Duke fans, however, if he keeps on the track he is on, it could be in the way that he doesn’t want. Grayson doesn’t want to be the villain he is, according to interviews, but can he turn it around and be the hero that Gotham- er, I mean, Duke- needs? Time will tell. One things for sure, you know his name.

It is no question that Grayson Allen is a great player, but is he dirty? Is he Dukes Villain? How do you feel about him?

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